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90,000 Hours - Managing the World of Work (Kindle Edition)

90,000 Hours - Managing the World of Work (Kindle Edition)

Rodney Green


Ebook in Kindle Format 148pp
ISBN 978 1 84427 664 6

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90,000 hours is the amount of time you will probably spend at work during your lifetime.
Is this just a way of paying the bills?
Is our work the only way we know of defining our identity?
Or do we dare see our work as worthwhile in itself?

Rodney Green helps us explore questions such as:
* Does God value an ordinary job as much as 'spiritual' work? * Why does work generate so much stress and anger?
* Should we admire total dedication at work?
* How can we achieve a healthy work/life balance?

A fresh look at the Bible may transform your attitude to the world of work!

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