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God Hunting - A Diary of Spiritual Discovery  (Kindle Edition)

God Hunting - A Diary of Spiritual Discovery (Kindle Edition)

Jo Swinney


eBook in Kindle format, 128 pages
ISBN 978 1 84427 678 3

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An exploration of six different spiritual practices and how they can be incorporated into a busy and noisy life.

Jo Swinney set herself a challenge: to trial one spiritual discipline per month. This is her diary of discovery. She invites us to join in the hunt for God through prayer, fasting, Bible study, worship, solitude and simplicity and opens the door to new ways of deepening our relationship with God.

• A user-friendly, practical guide to discovering the value of spiritual disciplines
• Introduces new approaches to connecting with God amidst the busyness of life
• Ideal for individual or group use

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