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Daily Bread OD21 Print Edition

Daily Bread OD21 Print Edition

OCT-DEC 2021


A5, 112pp
ISSN 0963 4797

Daily Bread is the Bible reading guide that aims to help you hear from God as you read the Bible. If you've ever asked the question, 'What possible relevance can this verse have for me today?' or 'What difference does this passage make to my life?' then Daily Bread is for you.

Everyone needs a little help when reading the Bible. Sometimes the poetry and prose, history and revelation, or parables and proverbs need some explanation. Daily Bread provides real inspiration each time you read it. Our writers are from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of perspectives. We're sure you'll be challenged, encouraged, surprised and inspired as God uses the notes to speak into your life.

There's three months worth of dated material that provides real inspiration each time you read it.

* A 'Way in' page introduces the notes and the writer. It sets the scene and tells you what you need to know to get into each series.

* The notes for each day include five key elements: Prepare, Read (the Bible passage for the day), Explore, Respond and Bible in a year. These are intended to provide a helpful way of meeting God in his Word.

Inside this issue of Daily Bread:

    Corinthians 9–16 Challenging Corinthians Steve and Ali Walton
    1 Samuel 16–20 A tale of two leaders Emlyn Williams
    1 Samuel 21–31 The wilderness way Jo Swinney
    Matthew 16–18 Turn your eyes upon Jesus Mike Hawthorne
    Malachi Pulling no punches Erica Roberts
    Colossians 1–4 The hope of glory Peter Stone
    Luke 1,2; Philemon Signposts to salvation Liz Pacey

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