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Encounter with God OD16 Kindle Edition

Encounter with God OD16 Kindle Edition

OCT-DEC 2016


eBook Edition in Kindle Format
ISSN K77416

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Please note: This is the Kindle edition of Encounter with God for OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2016. This version will only work with Kindle e-readers and Kindle apps. If you're looking for Encounter with God for an e-reader other than a Kindle, see below.

Encounter with God is Scripture Union's daily Bible reading guide designed to lead you to a deeper understanding about what God is saying to you and to his world today.

You'll find its thorough and energetic investigation of the whole Bible inspiring and stimulating. And you'll discover that its biblical exposition is complemented by pastoral warmth from a strong field of writers and contributors. As well as daily content, feature articles provide insights into Christian spirituality, tackle contemporary issues, and profile teachers who inspire.

There are Bible in a Year readings at the foot of the page for those who want this additional option.

In this issue of Encounter with God:

1,2,3 JOHN and JUDE
MARK 11-13
ACTS 9-12
ISAIAH 5-12,25

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