Essential Jesus Challenge Companion Book

Essential Jesus Challenge Companion Book

Whitney Kuniholm


Essential Jesus
100 Readings Through the Bible's Greatest Story
A5, 176pp
ISBN 978 1 87679 469 9

Jesus - Son of God, controversial radical teacher, miracle worker, restorer of sick minds and bodies, crucified king - has fascinated men and women through the centuries.

The Bible is our major source for insight about Jesus but it is not always an easy read - that’s where Essential Jesus fits in. It guides you through 100 carefully selected Bible passages from both Old and New Testaments along with short, engagingly written notes to help you reflect on who Jesus is and why that’s important for you today.

Questions for group discussion are included at the end of each section.

If you desire:
* to grasp the 'big picture' of who Jesus is
* guidance about how to respond to him in your daily life
*  to hear from God himself and find intimacy with him

...then Essential Jesus is for you.

An Essential Jesus Challenge Reading Planner is included FREE with every copy of Essential Jesus purchased.