E100 Challenge

E100 Challenge Companion Book

E100 Challenge Companion Book

Whitney T Kuniholm


Essential 100
Your Way in to the Heart of the Bible
A5, 176pp
ISBN 978 1 87679 466 8

The world's best selling book is in danger of becoming the least read! Yet in it God wants to communicate with the people he created and loves.

The Bible is not an easy read, but that's where the E100 Bible reading challenge fits in - 100 carefully selected excerpts from both Old and New Testaments bring clarity to the Bible story. It highlights the major themes of the Bible in a way that really make sense.

This companion book for the E100 Bible reading challenge in Australia has short, engaging notes to help you reflect on the Bible's meaning and relevance for you today, there is space for journaling and reflections as you complete each section.