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Champion's Challenge Holiday Club Program

Champion's Challenge Holiday Club Program

Helen Franklin


A4, 80pp
ISBN 978 1 84427 207 9


Tune in to First-Century Sportscene and find out the latest on Jesus! Check out interviews with all the main players and get analysis from the panel of "experts". Champion's Challenge is a sports-based five day holiday club program for the 5-11 age-group based on the stories of Jesus from Luke's Gospel.

The sessions in this programme are:
*Trainer: Luke 6:46–49
*Physio: Luke 7:1–10
*Team mate: Luke 9:1–6, 10–17
*Substitute: Luke 22:47–53; 23
*Winner: Luke 24: 1–35

For midweek club material that ties in with Champion's Challenge, see Target Challenge.