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The Greatest Gift of All Time (10 Pack)

The Greatest Gift of All Time (10 Pack)

Catalina Echeverri


Readership: Children 8-11
Pack of 10 A6 booklets, 24 pages each
ISBN 978 1 78506 465 4

Everyone loves presents. Big or small, square or lumpy, presents are soooo exciting! But after a while, they break, they get lost and they're not soooo exciting anymore.

But, Christians believe there is one present, one gift that will never break or get lost, one gift that changes everything. This story encourages children to find out about Jesus, the greatest gift of all time, and invites them to respond.

The Greatest Gift of all Time is a missional resource targeted at children aged 8-11. Developed to support numerous Christmas events, the narrative centres around the story of the nativity and God’s willingness to come down to earth and be with us.

Written and illustrated by Catalina Echeverri, this booklet has a contemporary and compelling design, helping children to explore the Christmas story and consider their own response.